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What to do around the Chasm ?2020-06-11T17:58:40+02:00

There are many interesting touristic points around the chasm. We prepared a list for you to discover on our page « Around the Chasm ».

Where can we book ?2020-06-11T17:55:39+02:00

You can book your tickets online, but this is not compulsory (except for Aventures Parc and visit groups). If you prefer, you can buy your tickets directly on the reception the day of your visit (subject to availability and excluding Aventures Parc tickets).

What are the possible means of payment ?2020-04-08T11:03:18+02:00

It is possible to pay in cash and credit card.

Is there free parking available near the Chasm ?2020-06-11T17:57:23+02:00

Yes, a large free car parking will allow you to park in front of the reception building of the Giant Chasm of Cabrespine (all seasons). In our naturally air-conditioned lobby, you will find : a bar with refreshments, ice cream and hot drinks, a souvenir shop and many minerals for collectors. An outdoor terrace will also allow you to enjoy a relaxing break.

How to get to the Chasm ?2020-06-11T18:04:28+02:00

To get to the Chasm of Cabrespine, the route is signposted from the A61, exit Carcassonne Ouest towards Mazamet or exit Carcassonne Est towards Mazamet. From the Medieval city or the city of Carcassonne follow the direction Mazamet, then follow the signposts : Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine (Giant Chasm of Cabrespine). To see the map, go to our page « Come to the chasm ».

Is the Chasm open to the sky ?2020-06-11T18:06:07+02:00

No, the Giant Chasm of Cabrespine is an entirely underground cavity that could almost contain the Eiffel Tower.

Can we visit the cave during periods of heavy rain ?2020-06-11T18:07:37+02:00

Yes, the Chasm is accessible in all weathers. We even advise you to come and discover the Chasm after the great rains of spring and autumn. If you come during the rainy season you will be able to take full advantage of the sound atmosphere that takes place during the visit.

Is there a more favorable time of year to visit ?2020-06-11T18:08:20+02:00

The constant temperature of the Chasm (14 °), will allow you to benefit from optimum climatic conditions winter and/or summer; its underground setup will protect you from the different weather conditions.

Are there opening periods and visiting hours to respect ?2020-06-11T18:09:32+02:00

Yes, the Giant Chasm of Cabrespine is open from February 1st until December 8th. For more information on opening days, go to our Dates and opening times” page.

Is it possible to take photos during the visit?2020-06-11T18:10:19+02:00

Photos and videos are authorized during your visit, please remember to be respectful to other visitors.

What is the duration of the tour/visit ?2020-06-11T18:11:15+02:00

The guided tour/visit lasts 50 minutes.

Is there any specific attire required for the visit ?2020-06-11T18:12:04+02:00

No, the constant temperature (summer and winter) of 14 ° will cool you in summer, for the shivery visitors we recommend a sweater. Regarding shoes, all types of shoes will be suitable for your visit.

Are animals allowed in the visit ?2020-06-11T18:12:44+02:00

Yes, at the Giant Chasm of Cabrespine your pets will always be welcome

Is the visit accessible to visitors with disabilities ?2021-11-10T16:24:10+01:00

The reception building and part of the chasm are accessible to all. We have the “Tourism and Handicap label”.
The visit is made on the same level over 70% of the route since, due to the natural configuration of the chasm and the arrangements made, access to certain areas is not possible in a wheelchair (presence of stairs, narrow passages …). Do not hesitate to contact us on +33 (0)4 68 26 14 20 for more information.

In July and August, the reception of people with reduced mobility (PRM) can only be done on the last visit at 6:00 p.m. You can book your tickets directly on our online ticket office or contact us by phone.

Is the visit accessible for a baby stroller ?2021-04-12T12:39:23+02:00

Due to the natural configuration of the chasm and the facilities provided (narrow passages, steps, etc.), pushchairs cannot be used. Please bring a baby carrier.

What is the minimum age for the visit ?2020-06-11T18:15:14+02:00

There are no age restrictions, children and adults will appreciate in the same way the immensity of the natural cathedral ! The Giant Chasm of Cabrespine is perfectly arranged and secure.


The Giant Chasm welcomes you, on an audio-guided tour, every day from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (last departure at 4.30 p.m.).

Book now on our online ticket office.

See you soon.