A new concept : an underground acrobatic course, practicable in complete safety, accessible to the public from 12 years old and older !

In the program :

  • Ziplines
  • Monkey bridges
  • Nepalese bridges
  • Wall progression

Face the cliffs in our 80m high iron staircase. Then, follow the great flow of explorers, to reach the zipline of vertigo and then to finally reach the pearls platform thanks to the acrobatic bridge, located 40m above the void.

After the passage in the sanctuary of baths, a nepalese bridge will enable you to reach the bottom of the big arranged room of Cabrespine’s Giant Chasm !

The bravest of our visitors will have the opportunity to experience the unforgettable hell’s zipline, come to (and) fly 90 meters above the void, and set foot to uncover the 120m petrified waterfall.

When coming to the surface, you will come upon one of the hidden treasures of the Cabrespine’s Giant Chasm : “The Hall of Wonders“.

→ Our park is equipped with a continuous lifeline throughout the course, it is impossible to detach from the beginning to the end. Enjoy our activity safely and independently. A guide will watch over you and help you if needed.