Since its discovery in 1968, Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine has been worldwide known since this huge system of more than 25km has become a “classical site
in the speleology world”.

Since it was open to the public in 1988, this remarkable site has not been reserved for experts only, but it is offered to a large public thanks to Underground Safaris.

Underground Safaris are above all discovery tours of the subterranean world. They do not require any particular technical or sporting skill. Comments about the history of the cave, its development,... are a plus in the circuit.

The tours we offer are of easy access all year round and do not depend on weather conditions.

The Underground Safari provides an original compromise between the speleology activity reserved for few experts and the classical visit of a cave open to the public. Horizontal cavities, large volumes, beautiful crystallizations and expedition atmosphere. In other words, 5 hours for getting away from it all and exploring caves in a different way...


Underground Safari Contact: Tel: 04 67 66 11 11